Diversity and inclusivity

Together we are the UMCG

We want to create a safe and inclusive workspace, in which all employees have equal chances and in which everyone feels at home, no matter their differences and backgrounds. Together we are the UMCG.
The UMCG is, as a healthcare and knowledge institution, a pioneer. Internationally speaking, we have a top position regarding research, education and training. And our ambitions remain strong as ever. We can only achieve ground-breaking progress if we are able to connect the best of all worlds. To give attention to that what stimulates each person and what each person can contribute.

We strive therefore for diversity among our employees in terms of culture, religion, sexuality, age, ethnicity and gender on all levels. We strive for an environment in which people can be themselves and everyone has equal chances. Not only will this lead to better cooperation and stronger decision-making, but it will also lead to a better understanding of our diverse patient. To better implement knowledge from people’s different cultures and customs in our research and to educate people from broader perspective. To see the person in everything we do.
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Diversity and inclusivity and the UMCG

We see the person in everything we do. That is why we want the UMCG to be a place where everyone can be themselves, and where everyone will be seen and heard. Here, you can follow our road to becoming more diverse and inclusive.

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