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Photo app


​​Sometimes when performing the fingerprick, the obtained bloodspot ​is of insufficient quality. When this happens, it is not possible to measure blood drug concentrations. Please follow all steps in the instruction carefully when performing fingerprick sampling. 

​If you are in doubt about the quality of the bloodspot you can use the fingerprick photo app. The app allows you to upload a photo of your bloodspot card. The app can determine if the bloodspot is of sufficient quality. If the quality is insufficient, a new bloodspot can be made. If the quality is sufficient, the bloodspotcard can be send using the attached envelope. 

Instruction on how to use the app can be found within the app. The app is available in your browser (no download is needed) on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.​

To the P​hoto app


The app is only usable when using sampling cards (Whatmann DMPK-C) who are part of the UMCG DBS kit. The app determines the spotsize based on the assumption 8 mm punches are performed in the laboratory. The app is not free of bugs, when in doubt about the results or performance of the app, please contact +31503611937 or vingerpriktest@umcg.​nl​​. The analyst in the laboratory is responsible for the determination of quality of the bloodspots. The analyst’ judgement can be different from the judgement of the app.​​​