Dried blood spot (DBS)

The dried blood spot method gives you the opportunity to collect blood sample at home using a fingerprick. The blood sample can be send to the laboratory by mail. In the laboratory, the blood sample is analyzed.

With the DBS method you can collect a blood sample at home. You will receive a sampling kit containing the materials needed for blood collection. A step-by-step procedure is included. The DBS method is used to determine blood concentrations of drugs. In particular, transplant patients use this method to measure blood concentrations of immunosuppressant drugs.

An advantage of the DBS method is that fingerprick sampling is less painful then blood collection using vena punction.

Sampling and sending

Use the lancet to apply a fingerprick. Let two drops of blood fall on the filterpaper of the blood spot card. Let the blood spot card dry. Afterwards, send the blood spot card to the Laboratory Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology. The sampling kit contains an envelope with an address.

Please see this video on how to perform the Dried Blood Spot sampling method

Video bekijken Scannen
Video bekijken Scannen


The results of the blood spot analysis will be available upon your next visit or during a telephone appointment with your attending physician.

Blood spot quality

A high quality blood spot is round, fills at least the whole circle and does not touch other droplets. If the blood is applied incorrectly, the blood spot sample cannot be analyzed.

Use of the photo app

Check if you applied the blood correctly by using the Fingerprick photo app. Take a picture of your blood spot card and upload this picture in the photo app. The photo app indicates if sampling is performed correctly.


You can call the department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 16.30. Or send an e-mail to [email protected].