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You can test your knowledge of the application of Boussignac CPAP on patients in the ambulance with cardiac asthma The test consists of ten multiple choice questions. The link at the bottom of this page provides the answers.

Question 1

A patient with cardiac asthma is short of breath because:

  • A: accumulating fluid in the lungs
  • B: the presence of thrombi in the pulmonary vessels
  • C: a decreased force of the respiratory muscles.

Question 2

CPAP provides positive pressure during inspiration and expiration.

  • A: True
  • B: False

Question 3

How many liters per minute of oxygen are used? 

  • A: 8
  • B: 10
  • C: 12
  • D: 15

Question 4

The Boussignac CPAP system contains a mechanical valve.

  • A: true
  • B: false

Question 5

The duration of therapy with Boussignac CPAP is only a few hours.

  • A: true
  • B: false

Question 6

Application of CPAP improves pO2

  • A: true
  • B: false

Question 7

Boussignac mask CPAP delivers an FiO2 of approximately 

  • A: 30%
  • B: 60%
  • C: 80%

Question 8

When Boussignac mask CPAP is administered, it is not necessary to administer  furosemide, nitroglycerine and morphine as well.

  • A: true
  • B: false

Question 9

Directly after the start of Boussignac mask CPAP, the oxygen saturation has improved. The patient has also received furosemide, nitroglycerine and morphine. However, in the subsequent hours the saturation has not further improved and the patient has remained in a poor clinical condition.

  • A: The patient is receiving insufficient CPAP.
  • B: The patient does not have cardiac asthma

Question 10

The Boussignac valve can be sterilized for subsequent usage.

  • A: true
  • B: false

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