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Dr. Daniel Vijlbrief


​​Pediatrician-neonatologist, UMC Utrecht

Big Data for Small Babies

​​Preterm birth is associated with high mortality and morbidity. One of the major complications is the development of a sepsis. The purpose of the study was to use all available clinical data and to indentify the factors associated with preterm sepsis. Furthermore, to use data analytics to develop a clinical decision support tool to support doctors and nurses on the neonatal intensive care. The first algorithm is ready for clinical practise and can discriminate between a positive and negative blood culture, the ‘gold standard’ for sepsis diagnosis.​​


Daniel Vijlbrief works as a neonatologist. In 2015, he finished his PhD with the title ‘Cardiac Biomarkers in Neonatology’. Currently, he is investig​ating the possibilities of Big Data in neonatal medicine with the Big Data for Small Babies project. First investigations are ongoing in this applied data analytics project. This aims to build an early warning system and decision support tool for late-onset neonatal sepsis. Future research will be directed to bringing algorithms to clinical care.​​