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International registry for health care providers to report the outcomes of COVID-19 in patients with autoimmune bullous diseases (AIBD) - RECOVAB


With the collaboration of the international AIBD community, we sought to determine how COVID-19 infection impacts patients with AIBD and inform clinicians. A regular update of the reported cases will be provided. We thank you for your active contribution.

Report your case 

Please report your cases of confirmed COVID-19 in patients with autoimmune bullous diseases using the RECOVAB case report form, which collects de-identified data and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

​You will be asked for permission to use your email address as a reporter, please submit this consent form and then continue to the case report form​. ​This form should be completed by a health care professional after the patient has had COVID-19 and sufficient time has passed to observe the outcome of COVID-19. After completion, a copy of your completed case report can be downloaded in PDF

Ethical approval, data collection and consent

The Medical Research Ethics Committee of the University Medical Center Groningen confirmed that RECOVAB is exempted from review. Since only de-identified patient data is permitted in the RECOVAB case report form, no specific informed consent is required from the patient. The data is collected and processed solely for the purpose of scientific and medical research undertaken in the public interest. The reporter stays owner of the data and will be asked to provide an email address. The data collected is stored at secured servers at the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands.

Contact us

RECOVAB is an initiative of the EADV Task Force Autoimmune Bullous Diseases  and hosted by the Center for Blistering Diseases, University Medical Center Groningen.
For questions please send an e-mail to:mailadres Contact  

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