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Research team


Henri Leuvenink, PhD (head)

Petra Ottens, BSc, head technician section
Speciality: microsurgery, molecular biology

Jacco Zwaagstra, BSc, lab manager
Speciality: Biochemistry

Susanne Veldhuis, BSc, animal technician
Speciality: Microsurgery

Janneke Wiersema, BSc, technician
Speciality: Histology

PHD Students (with anticipated year of promotion):

2015 Bo Liu (GUIDE),
promotor H. Leuvenink
Topic: Protective strategies in brain death

2015 Welmoet Westendorp (GUIDE),
promotor H. Leuvenink, R.J. Ploeg, H. van Goor
Topic: Angiopoetins, a potential target to improve organ transplanation

2015 Rolando Rebolledo (GUIDE).
Promotor: H. Leuvenink, P. Romanque (UdC)
Topic : Pretreatment of brain dead donors

2015 Anne Koning (GUIDE)
Promotor H. Van Goor, H. Leuvenink
Topic; Hydrogen sulfide in renal transplantation

2016 Paria Mahboob (GUIDE)
Promotor: H. Leuvenink, R.J. Ploeg
Topic: Machine preservation of kidneys

2016 Leon van Dullemen (GUIDE)
Promotor: H. Leuvenink, R.J. Ploeg
Other supervisors: B. Brundel,

2016 Andrie Westerkanp (GUIDE)
Promotor: R.J. Porte, T. Lisman, H. Leuvenink
Topic: Machine preservation of livers

2016 Dane Hoeksma (GUIDE)
Promotor: H. Leuvenink
Topic: Scavenging of free radicals in organ transplantation

2016 Marjolein Leemkuil (GUIDE)
Promotor: H. Leuvenink, E. de Koning (LUMC), R. Ploeg
Other supervisors: C. Krikke
Topic: Machine perfusion of pancreata

2017 Tobias van Haaften (GUIDE)
promotor G. Dijkstra, H. Leuvenink)
other supervisors: P. Olinga, J. Nieken
Intestinal fibrosis

2017  Felix Poppelaars (GUIDE)
Promotor: H.G.D. Leuvenink,  J.L. Hillebrands
Other supervisors: M.A.J. Seelen, J. Damman
Complement, renal failure and renal transplantation

2017 Anne van Erp (GUIDE)
Promotor: H. Leuvenink, B. Jespersen (Aarhus University)
Topic: Metabolic changes in brain death

Maria Kaisar, Oxford University (Dphil)
Promotor: R. Ploeg
Topic: Metabolomics in transplantation

Zeeshan Akthar, Oxford University (Dphil)
Promotor: R. Ploeg
Topic: HIF-1 in transplantation