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Research team


PhD students:
  • Edris Alkozai (Hemostasis in liver surgery and liver cancer)
  • Freeha Arshad (Hemostasis during liver transplantation)
  • Laura Burlage (Liver vasculature in cirrhosis and during machine perfusion)
  • Greg Hugenholtz (Hemostasis in acute and chronic liver failure)
  • Negin Karimian (Machine perfusion and bile ducts)
  • Marc Kirschbaum (Blood platelets and liver regeneration)
  • Alix Matton (Imaging of cholangiocyte damage)
  • Wilma Potze (Hemostasis and thrombosis in patients with fatty liver disease)
  • Anne-Marieke Schut (Factor VIIa)
  • Andrie Westerkamp (Machine perfusion and fatty liver disease)
  • Dafna Groeneveld (Platelets, fibrin, and liver regeneration)
  • Golnar Karimian (Platelets and liver regeneration)

  • Jelle Adelmeijer
  • Susanne Veldhuis