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Liver diseases and hemostatis


The research line led by biochemist Prof Dr. Ton Lisman and surgeon Prof. Dr. Robert J. Porte focuses on clinically oriented questions on the intersection of hematology and hepatology. Combining expertise in basal biochemistry, animal models, and research in clinical specimens, the group excels in true translational research.

We aim to train both (bio)chemists and medical students as well as students from universities of applied sciences. In all our projects we aim to provide input from both basic as well as clinically oriented scientists. We collaborate directly with the clinical department of surgery, and in particular with the section Hepatobiliairy Surgery and Liver Transplantation (led by Prof. Dr. Robert J. Porte). In addition, we have close collaborations with the department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, the department of Anesthesiology, and the department of Pathology in our center. Furthermore, we collaborate with multiple partners outside the UMCG both nationally and internationally.