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UMCG Seminar Series Molecular Medicine 2018

Evolutionary trajectories of childhood cancer over time and space

Datum: 06 december 2018
Inschrijving: Niet meer mogelijk
Soort: Lezing

Principal Investigators of the UMCG together with the Wenckebach Instituut have organized a series of lectures on topics related to Molecular Medicine in its broadest sense. Prior to each lecture we have scheduled a workshop in which a selected group of PhD students/post-docs will discuss their work with the speaker of the day.

Active participation at 5 workshops or 10 lectures will be awarded by the GSMS PhD Program with 1 accreditation point, with a maximum of 4 points over a 4-year period. For registering for these workshops and information on the seminars, please contact the GSMS office.


PhD students/post-docs (AIOs/OIOs), specialists and specialists-in-training.



The seminar starts at 04.00 PM and lasts till 05.00 PM.

University Medical Center Groningen
Seminar Room (ERIBA)
Please follow the signs within the UMCG. 


David Gisselsson Nord
Division of Clinical Genetics, University of Lund, Sweden
Host: Floris Foijer


Principal Investigators of the UMCG together with the Wenckebach Instituut.
These seminars are supported by an unrestricted grant from Bristol-Myers Squipp, Graduate School of Medical Sciences (GSMS), Janssen-Cilag and TEVA Nederland.

Kosten & inschrijving


Participation is free of charge.


Registration for the workshops: Contact 

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Meer informatie

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