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Time-manage yourself and your PhD (online training)

Datum: 23 oktober t/m 11 november 2020
Inschrijving: Niet meer mogelijk
Soort: Cursus/workshop

Managing your PhD and your own working behaviour is not always easy: manage your projects and experiments, write your articles, teach students, participate in meetings and probably do lots of other things that may not even be related to your PhD project. You may find it difficult to decide what to work on, to plan your day or week, or maybe you are procrastinating a lot, not working on the important stuff. This online training will help you improve the various aspects of (time)management of your PhD project.


PhD students


After finishing this online training, you will:
- have tools to work more efficiently:
- know what your inefficiencies are and how to manage yourself in order to become more productive and to finish your PhD in time.


Three half-days (09.30-12.00 hrs)



In three workshops (modules) you will be invited to reflect on varios aspects of (time) management of your PhD project. Which goals or milestones do you have? Which aspects in your work are essential to achieve these goals? Do you spend your time and energy on the right things? If the answer to this question is no, take action and get back on track. 

Modules (15:00-17:30)
09-23-2020: E-mail under control and overview over your work 
10-14-2020: The Big Rocks in your life and work
11-11-2020: Working with focus

Location independent: the training is online via Microsoft Teams.


Mevr. dr. R.C. Niessen
RCN Advies & Training

Kosten & inschrijving


Participation in this training costs € 365,- per person.


This course has been canceled.

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Meer informatie

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