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UMCG Seminar Series Molecular Medicine 2019

APOE*3-Leiden. CETP mice: A valuable model for humanlike lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis?

Datum: 13 juni 2019
Inschrijving: Niet meer mogelijk
Soort: Lezing

Principal Investigators of the UMCG together with the Wenckebach Instituut have organized a series of lectures on topics related to Molecular Medicine in its broadest sense. Prior to each lecture we have scheduled a workshop in which a selected group of PhD students/post-docs will discuss their work with the speaker of the day.

Active participation at 5 workshops or 10 lectures will be awarded by the GSMS PhD Program with 1 accreditation point, with a maximum of 4 points over a 4-year period. For registering for these workshops and information on the seminars, please contact the GSMS office.


PhD students/post-docs (AIOs/OIOs), specialists and specialists-in-training.



The seminar starts at 04.00 PM and lasts till 05.00 PM.

University Medical Center Groningen
Seminar Room (ERIBA)
Please follow the signs within the UMCG.


Patrick Rensen
Host: Hans Jonker


Principal Investigators of the UMCG together with the Wenckebach Instituut.
These seminars are supported by an unrestricted grant from the Graduate School of Medical Sciences (GSMS).

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Participation is free of charge.

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Meer informatie

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