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Research at the Pathology division


​​​In addition to clinical diagnostics and education & training, scientific research is the third core task of the division of Pathology. Within the UMCG the overarching theme of all scientific research is Healthy Ageing which is based on three pillars :

  • Mechanisms of diseases
  • Innovative diagnostics and treatments
  • Prevention


Research at the division of Pathology fits within all three pillars of the UMCG research theme Healthy Ageing though with focus on the pillars Mechanisms of diseases and Innovative diagnostics and treatments.

​Research at the division of Pathology has partly a clinical (pathology) focus, often in collaboration with the other clinical departments of the UMCG, and as a whole a mainly translational character with fundamental aspects. Research aims to increase understanding of the pathogenesis (and thus mechanisms) of disease and the identification of new targets for intervention. Results obtained should lead to improved prevention and prediction, as well as to innovations in diagnostics and treatment. 

At the division of Pathology all staff members (pathologists, clinical molecular biologists, staff scientists) participate in scientific research. These (clinical) researchers are either Principal Investigator or Associate Investigator affiliated to one or two UMCG Research Institutes​ (including GUIDE, BCN-BRAIN, SHARE and CRCG).         

Research at the division of Pathology is clustered in the following research themes:


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