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Laser Microdissection


​Laser Microdissection system

Laser Micro Dissection systems combine a microscope for observation and a laser for dissection.  The goal of the system is to prepare pure and homogeneous sample from tissues, biopsies or cultured cells. After laser dissection, these small samples can be used for genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analysis.

The microscope utilizes a motorized stage with xyz motion capabilities mounted with a (optional) fluorescence light. Slides are mounted inverted onto the microscope stage, where the desired cellular components are excised from the slide by the UV laser passing through the glass to cut the foil membrane. Gravity facilitates the capture of the dissected cellular components directly into tubes located in a substage tube holder. The UMCG currently has an LMD system from Leica (LMD6500).



 Video demonstrating the Leica system

Please contact Wierd Kooistra (Contact, 050-3619639) for more information on the LDM system, instructions or technical support for setting up a small pilot study.

Articles published by different groups of the UMCG using Laser microdissection technique. 


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