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Publicaties 2010


​Immediate postoperative low platelet count is associated with delayed liver function recovery after partial liv​er resection.Alkozai EM, Nijsten MW, de Jong KP, de Boer MT, Peeters PM, Slooff MJ, Porte RJ, Lisman T.Ann Surg. 2010 Feb;251(2):300-6. 

The Psychometric Properties and Practicability of Self-Report Instruments to Identify Medication Nonadherence in Adult Transplant Patients: A Systematic Review.Dobbels F, Berben L, De Geest S, Drent G, Lennerling A, Whittaker C, Kugler C; the transplant360 Task Force.Transplantation. 2010 Jul 27;90(2):205-19.

Similar liver transplantation survival with selected cardiac death donors and brain death donors.Dubbeld J, Hoekstra H, Farid W, Ringers J, Porte RJ, Metselaar HJ, Baranski AG, Kazemier G, van den Berg AP, van Hoek B.Br J Surg. 2010 May;97(5):753. 

Honoring the contract with our patients: outcome after repeated re-transplantation of the liver.Eguchi S, Soyama A, Mergental H, van den Berg AP, Scheenstra R, Porte RJ, Slooff MJ.Clin Transplant. 2010 Dec 27. doi: 10.1111/j.1399-0012.2010.01389.x.

Treatment of chronic hepatitis E in liver transplant recipients with pegylated interferon alpha-2b.Haagsma EB, Riezebos-Brilman A, van den Berg AP, Porte RJ, Niesters HG.Liver Transpl. 2010 Apr;16(4):474-7. 

Patients with isolated polycystic liver disease referred to liver centres: clinical characterization of 137 cases.van Keimpema L, de Koning DB, van Hoek B, van den Berg AP, van Oijen MG, de Man RA, Nevens F, Drenth JP.Liver Int. 2010 Apr 16.

The role of lithocholic acid in the regulation of bile acid detoxication, synthesis, and transport proteins in rat and human intestine and liver slices.​ ​​Khan A​​A, Chow EC, Porte RJ, Pang KS, Groothuis GM.​​ Toxicol In Vitro. 2010 Oct 1.

​​ Activation and regulation of hemostasis in acute liver failure and acute pancreatitis.
Lisman T, Porte RJ.
Semin Thromb Hemost. 2010 Jun;36(4):437-43. Epub 2010 Jul 7.

Anemia as a potential contributor to bleeding in patients with liver disease - Neglected but not forgotten.
Lisman T, Caldwell SH, Porte RJ.
J Hepatol. 2010 Oct 14.
No abstract available. PMID: 21084133

Hemostasis and thrombosis in patients with liver disease: the ups and downs.
Lisman T, Caldwell SH, Burroughs AK, Northup PG, Senzolo M, Stravitz RT, Tripodi A, Trotter JF, Valla DC, Porte RJ; Coagulation in Liver Disease Study Group.
J Hepatol. 2010 Aug;53(2):362-71. Epub 2010 May 12.

Rebalanced hemostasis in patients with liver disease: evidence and clinical consequences.
Lisman T, Porte RJ.
Blood. 2010 Aug 12;116(6):878-85. Epub 2010 Apr 16.

The hemostatic status of pediatric recipients of adult liver grafts suggests that plasma levels of hemostatic proteins are not regulated by the liver.
Lisman T, Platto M, Meijers JC, Haagsma EB, Colledan M, Porte RJ.
Blood. 2010 Nov 10.

The role of platelets in liver inflammation and regeneration.
Lisman T, Porte RJ.
Semin Thromb Hemost. 2010 Mar;36(2):170-4. Epub 2010 Apr 22.

Genome-wide association analysis in primary sclerosing cholangitis identifies two non-HLA susceptibility loci.
Melum E, Franke A, Schramm C, Weismüller TJ, Gotthardt DN, Offner FA, Juran BD, Laerdahl JK, Labi V, Björnsson E, Weersma RK, Henckaerts L, Teufel A, Rust C, Ellinghaus E, Balschun T, Boberg KM, Ellinghaus D, Bergquist A, Sauer P, Ryu E, Hov JR, Wedemeyer J, Lindkvist B, Wittig M, Porte RJ, Holm K, Gieger C, Wichmann HE, Stokkers P, Ponsioen CY, Runz H, Stiehl A, Wijmenga C, Sterneck M, Vermeire S, Beuers U, Villunger A, Schrumpf E, Lazaridis KN, Manns MP, Schreiber S, Karlsen TH.
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Liver transplantation for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma in patients without liver cirrhosis.
Mergental H, Porte RJ.
Transpl Int. 2010 Jul;23(7):662-7. Epub 2010 Mar 12.

The combination of primary sclerosing cholangitis and CCR5-Δ32 in recipients is strongly associated with the development of nonanastomotic biliary strictures after liver transplantation.
Op Den Dries S, Buis CI, Adelmeijer J, Van der Jagt EJ, Haagsma EB, Lisman T, Porte RJ
Liver Int. 2010 Dec 7. doi: 10.1111/j.1478-3231.2010.02422.x.

Increasing Cycles of Intermittent Ischemia Can Effectively Maintain Liver Function during the Acute Phase of Ischemia Reperfusion Injury by Promotion of Bile Flow and Reduction in Bile Salt Toxicity.
Peters J, Nieuwenhuijs VB, Morphett A, Porte RJ, Padbury RT, Barritt GJ.Dig
Surg. 2010 Jan 8;26(6):455-464.

The International Normalized Ratio (INR) in the MELD Score: Problems and Solutions.
Porte RJ, Lisman T, Tripodi A, Caldwell SH, Trotter JF; the Coagulation in Liver Disease Study Group.
Am J Transplant. 2010 Jun;10(6):1349-53. Epub 2010 Mar 19. Review.

Lectin complement pathway gene profile of donor and recipient determine the risk of bacterial infections after orthotopic liver transplantation.
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Hepatology. 2010 Sep;52(3):1100-10.

Intact thrombomodulin-mediated regulation of fibrinolysis during and after liver transplantation, despite a profoundly defective thrombomodulin-mediated regulation of coagulation.
Ruitenbeek K, Meijers JC, Adelmeijer J, Hendriks HG, Porte RJ, Lisman T.
J Thromb Haemost. 2010 Jul;8(7):1646-9. Epub 2010 Apr 16.

Mortality of biliary atresia in children not undergoing liver transplantation in the Netherlands.
de Vries W, de Langen ZJ, Aronson DC, Hulscher JB, Peeters PM, Jansen-Kalma P, Verkade HJ; also on behalf of NeSBAR.
Pediatr Transplant. 2010 Dec 27. doi: 10.1111/j.1399-3046.2010.01450.x.

Long-term results of urgent revascularization for hepatic artery thrombosis after pediatric liver transplantation.
Warnaar N, Polak WG, de Jong KP, de Boer MT, Verkade HJ, Sieders E, Peeters PM, Porte RJ.
Liver Transpl. 2010 Jul;16(7):847-55.