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Over het CTM


Het Centrum voor Tandheelkunde en Mondzorgkunde is onderdeel van het UMCG.  Het CTM verzorgt de opleidingen tot tandarts (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) en  mondhygiënist (Hanzehogeschool).
De basiszorg wordt daarom geleverd door coassistenten tandheelkunde en mondzorgkunde, uiteraard onder toeziend oog van ervaren tandartsen en mondhygiënisten.

Leiding CTM:

Dr. L.W.M. van der Sluis (Afdelingshoofd)
Drs. H.J. Lohr (Chef de Clinique)
Dhr. J.H.M. Schulten (Manager Zorg- en Bedrijfsvoering)
Mevr. A. Bodewitz (Hoofd opleiding Mondzorgkunde)

The Centre for Dentistry and Oral Hygiene in Groningen (CTM) is the research and treatment centre for dental care in the UMCG where specialized dentists and hygienists work. A centre where all necessary dental and medical knowledge is available for the patient.

Patient care in the CTM

Specialized dentists and hygienists work in the CTM and offer modern dental health care. You can be referred to the centre by your own dentist or you can register yourself if you do not have a dentist in Groningen. If you are looking for a new dental practice and you wish to register you can find more information under Patients. Our professionals will try to accommodate your wishes as much as possible. The dentists and other specialists of the CTM in Groningen will discuss the treatment possibilities at the beginning. They will also inform you how long the necessary treatment times will be and the treatment costs.