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Terms of employment


​​​The UMCG aims to be an organization in which staff and their managers are equals who make agreements, take responsibility and collaborate. This is reflected in several agreements set out in the Collective Labour Agreement for University Medical Centres (CAO-UMC), such as:

  • annual appraisal reviews, in which staff members and their managers make agreements about all aspects of the working relationship
  • annual hour allocation, a system that enables staff members to determine their own working hours where possible
  • ‘CAO à la carte’, or the Terms of Employment Options Model, which allows staff members to save time or money for private purposes.


The entire range of leave schemes, part-time working options, annual hour allocation and holiday saving schemes will enable you to combine work and leisure in your own preferred way throughout your career.


The UMCG has a fixed salary system, with salary scales for each particular position. Your salary will be transferred to your bank account once a month. Salary slips are digitally available at https://login.youforce.biz. You will receive a holiday allowance in May and an end-of-year bonus in November.

Travel expenses

All staff members can participate in the Fiscal Commuting Allowance Scheme, regardless of the distance between your home and work and your mode of transport. You can calculate your own allowance using a special calculation program. There is also a special brochure on the Fiscal Commuting Allowance Scheme and a Frequently Asked Questions section.

CAO à la Carte

The UMCG has a ‘CAO à la Carte’ scheme (also known as the Terms of Employment Options Model) that enables you to use part of your salary, holiday allowance or end-of-year bonus to buy other benefits, such as a bicycle or company gym membership. You can also use leave days, overtime or money to save up for long-term leave.

Working hours

A full-time position comprises 1872 hours per year and on average 36 hours per week. Your actual working hours will be determined on the basis of the annual hour allocation scheme. Your manager will arrange a working hours schedule for a full year with you. The annual hour allocation enables flexibility and tailored solutions for you and your department. You may also be able to arrange flexible working hours with your manager, depending on your position. For example, you may arrange extra working hours outside the school vacations so you can take more time off when your children are home – or conversely, work more hours during school vacations and over the summer so you can take a day off every week for the rest of the year. Alternative working hours apply to medical professionals.

Liability, insurance and legal assistance

The UMCG has arranged professional liability insurance for all staff involved in patient care at the UMCG. This insurance covers the financial consequences of damage claims and legal costs in the event of civil law proceedings. It also covers any damage related to patient care that occurs inside the buildings and/or on the grounds of the UMCG. Outside the UMCG grounds coverage only applies to activities performed at the request of the UMCG, for example during business-related travel or home care activities. Theft and motor vehicle accidents are not covered by this insurance.

IP Supplementary insurance

You can take out additional insurance against loss of income due to incapacity for work via the UMCG with the IP Supplementary Plan offered by Loyalis. Application forms for this supplementary insurance plan are available from the Staff Shop and from Loyalis.

Integrity Code

The Integrity Code sets out what the UMCG regards as integrity, where our boundaries lie and the values we uphold in our communication with clients and with each other.

Illness and absence

The UMCG feels that managers and staff should discuss how they deal with illness, complaints and absence. These matters are set out in the UMCG Sickness Absence Protocol.

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