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Working with patients


Individual Healthcare Professions Act: quality of care
One important regulation in the field of quality assurance in healthcare professions in the Netherlands is the Individual Healthcare Professions Act (‘Wet BIG’: Wet op de Beroepen in de Individuele Gezondheidszorg). Please bring proof of BIG registration to the appointment meeting if your new position requires BIG registration.

Medical Specialists Registration Committee
Registration of doctors and medical specialists. Please bring proof of current RGS registration to the appointment meeting if you are joining the UMCG as a medical specialist.

Training programme registration
If you are appointed as a trainee specialist (AIOS: arts-assistent in opleiding tot specialist), please bring proof of registration in the training programme to the appointment meeting, or send it to P&O if no appointment meeting is held with you.  

Follow-up care after a major incident
Hospital work is the work of humans – together with colleagues you work to make patients, visitors, students and staff members feel comfortable at the UMCG. Sometimes something happens that may be difficult to come to terms with, and that’s when good support is essential. The UMCG has a ‘network of colleagues’, a group of staff members who offer support to colleagues to help them cope with major incidents.

Central Incident Reporting        
Everyone who works in patient care at the hospital may experience situations where something goes wrong or they realize that something could have gone wrong. If such situations are reported, measures may be taken to prevent actual accidents from happening. All staff are therefore requested to report errors, incidents and near-incidents in the field of care.

Patient safety and quality
The UMCG sets high standards on patient safety and quality. Any flaws, errors, complaints, incidents and near-incidents in the field of care must be identified and discussed, and all care professionals as well as other involved parties are expected to be willing to learn from them and improve together. An integrated range of teaching and training for all UMCG staff aims to make high-quality and safe working methods second nature.
You will encounter various aspects of patient safety in your day-to-day work. Your manager can tell you more about this.

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