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Before you start your job


​The Personnel & Organization department will provide you with

  • an invitation to an appointment meeting
  • a Work & Health questionnaire
  • an appointment with the Work & Health department
  • a ‘Working at the UMCG’ booklet
  • an administration form
  • an salary tax form

Health statement
Before we can appoint you, we will need to check whether your position entails any health risks for you. You will be sent a questionnaire and a suggested date and time for an appointment with the Work & Health department. The occupational health physician will determine whether you need to be examined for tuberculosis based on your completed questionnaire, and will issue a health statement based on the questionnaire and the examination.

Hepatitis B
If your work involves contact with patients or patient material, you will be required to be vaccinated against hepatitis B. The vaccine programme consists of four injections into your upper arm over a period of six or eight months. Some specific positions with a high hepatitis B risk require staff to be fully protected in advance. Staff in this category will not be appointed if they have not had the required vaccinations. For more information about vaccinations please contact the Work & Health department, tel. 050 361 4535.

Relocation and relocation allowance
You may qualify for reimbursement of part of your relocation expenses in a number of cases. In addition, accommodation costs may also be reimbursed. Your P&O advisor will inform you of your options during the appointment meeting.

Appointment meeting
You will have an appointment meeting with the P&O advisor. He or she will make agreements with you concerning your salary, the duration of your appointment and any on-call and/or standby shifts. These agreements are set out in a letter of agreements, which you will be asked to sign and return. The appointment decision will then be sent to you.

An introduction programme for new staff members is organized on the first working day of each month, during which several people, including a representative of the Board of Management, will give presentations about the UMCG and help you find your feet in our organization. There is a general morning programme for all new staff, followed by an afternoon session for doctors, trainee specialists and nurses. After this first day you will be worked in at your own work location.

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