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UMCG card


​The functionality of your UMCG pass is tailored to your position and work location. Staff who need to access certain parts of the hospital at non-standard hours, such as at night or during the weekend, can have access functions added to their pass. The various positions and their associated pass functionalities are set out in an automated registration system.

Obligation to wear the UMCG pass

You must always wear your UMCG pass so that patients and visitors can recognize you as a staff member. You will be issued a pass holder that you can attach to your clothes.

Recognizability and safety

Recognizability and safety were the two most important reasons for the UMCG to decide to issue personal identity cards. Staff members must be recognizable as such to patients and their guests, colleagues and other visitors to the hospital, so that they know who to turn to if they need directions.

This recognizability also has a safety aspect, in that unauthorized guests are more easy to spot. The UMCG pass also works as a key to various entrances so that non-public sections of the hospital are only accessible to authorized staff. Doors can be opened by holding the pass in front of a card reader at a distance of less than 20 cm.


The UMCG pass is a convenient tool that staff members can use to collect uniforms, pay in the staff restaurants, and identify themselves at the Staff Shop and the ‘Present’ UMCG shop. In addition, some coffee and tea vending machines operate with the pass.

Staff restaurant

You can load up to EUR 75 credit onto your UMCG pass at the machines near the staff restaurant using your debit card.  You may bring one guest into the restaurant.


You will also need your UMCG pass to obtain uniforms at the Uniforms Desk. The points that you exchange for your uniforms are registered on your pass. You will also need your UMCG pass to collect standard uniforms from the vending machines.


The UMCG pass is a valid proof of identity for some matters you will need to arrange at the UMCG. For example, you can collect keys from the Staff Shop on presentation of your pass and a key form, which is available from your manager, budget holder or secretariat. You will also need to present your UMCG pass when you apply for a parking sticker or bus passes, to sign up for the carpooling register and to get discounts at the ‘Present’ UMCG shop.

Theft and loss

If you lose your UMCG pass or if it is stolen, please report to the Staff Shop and Security. Your pass will then be blocked to prevent others from gaining entry to the building. The UMCG is not liable for loss, theft or careless use of UMCG passes. Any credit left on a lost UMCG pass will not be reimbursed by the UMCG. If you are not sure whether your pass was stolen or you simply cannot find it, you can collect a replacement pass which is valid for two months at a EUR 15 deposit. If you find a pass, please hand it in to the Staff Shop, which will then notify the owner. All UMCG pass holders are responsible for their own pass. If you need a new pass because you did not treat your original one with sufficient care, this will cost EUR 15. Passes that are more than three years old can be exchanged for new ones free of charge. A UMCG pass is a fragile object. You must always store it in the pass holder provided to you.

UMCG pass complaints regulation

You can lodge an objection in the event of a difference of opinion about the text on your pass or any replacement costs to be paid by completing and submitting the ‘UMCG pass objections form’. Your complaint will be handled by the Head of the Facility Services Office. You will be notified in writing within 14 days whether your objection is considered founded.

Termination of employment at the UMCG

All staff whose contract is terminated and other people with a UMCG pass who leave the hospital must hand their pass in to the Staff Shop. Your pass will be automatically blocked on the date your contract is terminated.
Any unused credit on your pass can be claimed at the Staff Shop.


For more information please contact the Staff Shop, Winkelstraat, tel. 050 361 3350 or Security, tel. 050 361 2678.

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