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Information about parking your car, bicycle or motorcycle

Staff members can park their car at the P+R car parks during day shifts. If you work late, night or weekend shifts, you can apply for access rights to the underground car parks to be added to your UMCG pass.

P+R locations
The municipality of Groningen has created several alternative parking and transportation options: P+R facilities have been set up along the A28 motorway near Haren, the P+R facilities at the Euroborg football stadium (P3) have been significantly expanded and P+R bus lines run every 6 to 10 minutes from Kardinge, Zernike and Hoogkerk. More information about parking options and a downloadable map with P+R locations can be found at Parking UMCG.

Discount bus passes are available from the Staff Shop:
EUR 23 for a monthly pass and EUR 230 for a whole year.

This special UMCG offer will give you access to all P+R buses to and from all P+R locations and is only valid in combination with your UMCG pass. You can start the validity period of your P+R bus pass at any time. Bus passes are available on presentation of your UMCG pass and can only be paid by debit card (no cash payments are accepted). If you travel from the P3 P+R location, you will also receive a free parking pass.

P-Noord underground car park
If you work late, night or weekend shifts, you can apply for access rights to be added to your UMCG pass for the P-Noord indoor car park during your late and weekend shifts. Please complete the ‘car park agreement’ [Overeenkomst parkeerplaats] form, which is available from the Staff Shop.
Your access rights to the car park will be arranged within 6 working days of receipt of the form.
P-Noord is open 24 hours a day.

P-Zuid underground car park
If you work night shifts, you can park your car in the P-Zuid underground car park (underneath the main entrance to the UMCG). You can access the car park with your UMCG pass between 8.30 p.m. and 9 a.m.
During day shifts you can only use the P+R locations.


Unsupervised: Locked, unsupervised bicycle sheds can be found at various locations on the UMCG grounds. You can collect the code to a bicycle shed from the Security Room on presentation of your UMCG pass.
Supervised: There is a public bicycle cellar underneath the main building, on the Petrus Campersingel side. There is also plenty of room to keep motorcycles, scooters and mopeds dry and safe.  You can collect two tokens – one to attach to your bike and one to hang on your key ring – on payment of a EUR 2.30 deposit. Bicycle cellar staff will check for these tokens. There are special bike racks for mountain bikes and racing bikes.
A (paid) repair service is also available in this bicycle cellar. The supervised bicycle cellar is accessible from inside the building via the locked, unsupervised bicycle shed opposite Poortweg 6.

Motorcycles and mopeds
The supervised bicycle cellar has enough space for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. Please have your vehicle registration number registered with the Staff Shop on presentation of your UMCG pass. All other rules are the same as for bicycles.
You can also park your motorcycle at various locations on the UMCG grounds. Incorrectly parked motorcycles may be clamped. A EUR 50 fee will be charged for removing a wheel clamp. The Staff Shop has a card with information about parking bicycles and motorcycles on the UMCG grounds. There is an interactive map on the UMCG website that shows which bicycle sheds are nearest to your destination within the UMCG grounds.

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