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Teaching facilities


​Good degree programmes require good teaching facilities. The UMCG offers the most up-to-date teaching facilities. This page contains information about the UMCG Wenckebach Skills Center, E-Learning, the Teaching Centre, the Central Medical Library and the Student Office.

UMCG Wenckebach Skills Center
Acquiring practical skills is an important part of a medical degree programme. Skills vary from administering drips to how to act in a critical situation during childbirth. The Wenckebach Institute offers a Skills Center where students can practise these and other skills under expert supervision, without the risk of harming actual patients. The Skills Center has various facilities, including patient simulators that can simulate practical situations in a realistic way to enable care professionals to train their clinical and communication skills.

UMCG nurses can study or refresh their knowledge of the theory of high-risk procedures and reserved interventions through e-learning. In addition, there are also e-learning courses on subjects such as calculus and hygiene.

Central Medical Library
The Central Medical Library supports and gives advice to care professionals and students in searching and processing printed and digital literature.

Student Office
The UMCG Student Office is the central desk where all matters concerning internships, clerkships and final-year projects at the UMCG are arranged.

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