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UMCG Account Services


Did your password expire, have you forgotten it or are you unable to log in? Then use the UMCG Account Services. In order to restore your password or account, the system has to verify that you are actually the legitimate user of the UMCG account. To do this, you need to set it up once.

Activating UMCG Account Services

When activating your account, you will need to check and/or set up a number of details. This enables you to manage your account yourself without the intervention of the Service Desk. This concerns the following authentications:

  • Authentication via your mobile. (For this you need to install the Microsoft Authenticator app)
  • Authentication via your mobile number.
  • Authentication via your mobile number.

Go to mfa.umcg.nl via your web browser and follow the steps, or read the detailed instruction.

Reset password / Unlock account

Via the password reset page it is possible to reset your password yourself and unlock your account when logging in is no longer possible. This is only possible if your account has been set up correctly, see above instruction under "Activate". 
Attention! The password is not automatically changed on the applications below. You will have to change the password manually.

  • Outlook app on your mobile
  • Eduroam (wireless network)
  • UMCG Laptop, changing the password is only possible if the laptop is connected to the UMCG network.

Password expired

Every 3 months (90 days) the password expires. Before the password expires (10/5 days) you will receive an e-mail request to change the password.

Tip: Put a reminder in the Outlook calendar a few days before your password expires so you can change the password in time.

Logging in does not work

This can have the following causes:

  • Your password has expired. Reset your password.
  • You are logging in with the wrong username
  • You (accidentally) turned on CAPS LOCK.

Contact the Service Desk (tel: (050) 361 11 11) if the above causes do not apply.

Password requirements:

  • a minimum length of 8 characters.
  • a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and/or special characters
  • previously used passwords cannot be used again


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