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Vacancies Proton Therapy Center


Radiotherapy/Proton Therapy Center

The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and the largest employer in the Northern Netherlands. In addition to providing clinical care, there is much focus on the core research, training and education.

Our 250 employees include medical  physicists, radiation oncologists and radiation therapists. Trainees are provided with a  pleasant and safe learning environment.

Our department has nine linear accelerators, of which 2 in a satellite department in Emmen and we use  the most advanced imaging and radiation techniques (including IMRT, VMAT, stereotactic treatments).

In the near future  integrated care of oncology patients will be housed in the UMC Groningen Comprehensive Cancer Centre. The department plays an active role in the cancer care chain in Northeastern Netherlands.

Proton therapy

Recently the construction of UMC Groningen Proton Therapy Center (GPTC) started on the campus of the University Medical Center Groningen. The GPTC will consist of a cyclotron and two treatment units with 360˚ gantries, which are dedicated  for pencil beam scanning and equipped for image-guided  and adaptive proton therapy.
The Proton Therapy Center will be one of the 4 pillars of the Healthy Ageing Strategy of the UMCG.
This short movie gives an impression of the GPTC.

Our vision is that proton therapy is an integral part of radiotherapy and is to be organized within the existing radiotherapy and oncology care chain. In that context, the health activities around proton therapy in the UMCG will be integrated into the existing Department of Radiotherapy and UMC Groningen Cancer Center.

The scientific research is conducted in the Particle Therapy Research Center (PARTREC), which includes close cooperation with the KVI-CART in Groningen.
We are also seeking intensive cooperation with our regional and national partners.  


At the end of 2017, the first patients are foreseen to be treated with protons. The UMCG has been licensed to treat 600 patients a year with proton therapy, in addition to the more than 4,500 patients  treated with photon therapy.
As a next step in the preparations that the Department of Radiotherapy has made over several years, a so-called KEY project  is launched, that embodies all preparations for proton therapy until 2017. ​


Ofcourse a new, innovative center like this needs a staff of dedicated people. We are looking for new colleagues who find it a challenge to work with us on the implementation of proton therapy. People who work enthusiastically together with us  on the development of top clinical care as the first Proton Therapy Center in the Netherlands.

At the moment, we are not looking for anybody in particular. When we do, we will post the vacancy here. You can also subscribe to the online UMCG Vacancy newsletter and receive all UMCG vacancies.

Working at the department of Radiotherapy/Proton Therapy Center

We are a dynamic department where we put the patient in the center of everything we do and where we aim for the highest possible quality.   Beside the clinical care we put  a lot of effort in preclinical, translational and clinical scientific research, education and training.

The UMCG follows a sound personnel policy with good terms of employment, many internal training opportunities and various high-quality personnel facilities. At least as important as a pleasant working environment is a pleasant living environment. Groningen is a thriving university city set in quiet, spacious surroundings.