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For patients who have undergone all available treatments for their disorder, there is sometimes only one option available: transplant. Once a patient has undergone a transplant, he or she will be taught the essential life rules, and will learn which medication has to be taken. As a result, in principle the patient is able to live just as healthy a life as anyone else. At the UMCG, all forms of organ and tissue transplant are carried out on both adults and children. In that respect, we are one of the few hospitals in the world, and the only hospital in the Netherlands  where these treatments are provided in this way. Many transplant patients therefore travel long distances to receive their difficult and high-risk treatment in Groningen. They know that here they are in the very best hands. For many years we have undertaken a great deal of research into chronic diseases such as the failure of vital organs. Indeed, we continue to carry out research with a view to further improving the results of organ transplants.


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