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Children who face disease at a Young age are treated at the UMCG in the Beatrix Children’s Hospital. In terms of patient care, our goal is to ensure that the child has the best possible start in life so that in adulthood, he or she suffers as little hindrance as possible from his or her disease or disorder. A good start as a child above all contributes to healthy ageing in the case of chronic diseases. In our research work within pediatric medicine, we focus on the threats to development and the barriers the disorders raise on the road to adulthood. Physicians and nurses at the Beatrix Children’s Hospital work closely together to make sick children better. We consider it essential to keep the experience of sick children who are admitted to hospital as pleasant as possible. With that in mind, we try to maintain as much contact as possible with the home front. Children are taught by the staff of the educational service, and keep in touch with their friends via Internet.

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