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Education and training


The UMCG makes an essential contribution to the training of highly qualified staff members. 

The UMCG is the leading center for health care education and training in the Northern Netherlands. It is the right address for anyone looking to work in the health care sector, whether they are interested in practice-based training at senior secondary or higher professional education level or in a university education as doctor, dentist or movement scientist. By developing specialist courses for nurses and other care professionals, the UMCG is a pioneer in developing new professions in healthcare, and the accompanying courses of study.

Based on this wide range of courses, the UMCG delivers an essential contribution to the training of well-qualified employees. And those employees are desperately needed, as the demand for care continues to increase. Through its provision of training too, the UMCG is building the future of health. 

University education  

From all over the world, students travel to Groningen to study Medicine, Dentistry or Movement Sciences. There is also huge interest in educational programs including Medical Biology and Life Sciences provided by the UMCG in collaboration with the technical faculties at the University of Groningen. This comes as no surprise, since these courses enjoy an excellent reputation, and the teaching facilities are ultramodern. The number of applications by students wishing to study Medicine is far higher than the 450 students who start the six-year course of studies, each year. After those six years, of which the last three years are above all spent completing internships in hospitals, social medical institutions and GP’s practices, students are qualified as basic physicians. According to various surveys and studies, the degree course for Dentists in Groningen has for years been the very best in the Netherlands. The six-year course of studies in Dentistry is also a very practicebased program. After their studies, graduate dentists can further specialize in orthodontics or in mouth diseases and oral surgery, with an emphasis on surgical interventions, fractures and infections of the mouth.

Further medical training

Basic physicians can also opt to undertake further studies following their doctor’s examinations. For example, anyone wishing to become a GP, neurologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician or cardiologist must first undergo further medical training. Depending on the specialization, this further training lasts between five and seven years. Throughout that period, a trainee doctor, better known as a house officer, is employed alternately at the UMCG and in general hospitals in the Northern and Eastern Netherlands. In the training for medical specialists, the central focus is on the patient, as well as the acquisition of knowledge, skills and a sound manner. A good specialist is capable of far more than simply providing medical treatments. Communication and good interaction with the patient are just as important.

Senior secondary vocational education and higher professional education courses

The UMCG offers a number of professional courses at the levels of senior secondary vocational education (MBO) and higher professional education (HBO). For example training as assistant anesthetist or operating theatre assistant is possible. In collaboration with the Alfa College and the Hanzehogeschool, the UMCG provides MBO and HBO nursing courses. These courses combine working and learning in a unique manner. Fully trained nurses working here or in a regional hospital can then specialize for example as oncology nurse or Intensive Care nurse.

In-service and further training

We of course never finish learning. Nurses and medical specialists have to keep up-to-date with the latest academic thinking, and keep their knowledge and skill up to speed. For that reason, we organize regional, national and international in-service and further training activities for medical specialists, GPs, dentists, house officers, nurses and paramedical staff, for example physical therapists. Many of these training activities are organized at the modern Wenckebach Skills Center.

Knowledge sharing

The UMCG not only offers education and training to its own (future) staff. As the leading training center in the Northern Netherlands, the UMCG also provides operating room assistants, specialist nurses and medical specialists for hospitals and care institutions throughout the region and beyond.

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