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Facts and figures


As of December 31, 2017

​Beds (incl cots)
​Occupancy rate (percentage) ​64,30
​Admissions ​33,080
​Average inpatient stays (in days) ​8,6
Inclusive Rehabilitation and Psychiatry
Inpatient days 284,200
Total consultations 841,993
of which Emergency Department​30,889
First visits outpatient’s clinic 127,269
X-ray procedures:
Diagnostics 192,423
MRI 28,117
IVF treatments 1,065
Open heart surgery ​973
Kidney transplants 192
Liver transplants 56
(Heart/)lung transplants 37
Bone-marrow transplants ​165
medical-school graduates (fte)​407 (426)
PhD degrees​192
ISI publications​3,000
Employees 12,735
Women 8.892 (70%)
Men 3.843 (30%)
Volunteers 471
Medical students (October 1st)
Bachelor 1,370
Master 1,620
​The Mobile Medical Team: action on the ground
​Effort helicopter (number of times)​320


Remarkable facts 

  • Central focus for its core activities of patient care, research and education & training: Healthy Ageing: Growing old actively and in good health
  • Largest employer in the north of the Netherlands
  • Most prominent transplant center in the Netherlands; the only center licensed to perform all forms of transplants
  • UMC Groningen Cancer Center
    Top specialists work in close collaboration in multidisciplinary teams to give patients the best possible care. As a knowledge institute and high-grade
    therapeutic center it is the pivot of the regional cancer care network. As for its scientific research, UMCG works with (inter)national academic cancer centers across Europe, the US and Canada.
  • The University of Groningen, the University Medical Center Groningen and the Carl van Ossietzky University in Oldenburg (Germany) have initiated a
    joint medical school. The European Medical School is the first cross-border
    medical school in Europe.


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