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Facts and figures


As of December 31, 2018

​Admissions ​28,082
​Average inpatient stays, inclusive Rehabilitation and Psychiatry (in days) 9,4
Inpatient days 263,390
Total consultations 308,975
First visits outpatient’s clinic 96,177
Referral from other institutions89,000
​Total number of reports of incidents in the IMS​4,372
medical-school graduates (fte)​404
PhD degrees​192
ISI publications (estimated)​3,100
Number of registered students (October 1​st​)​4,075
Business operations (consolidated​)
Revenues (x million euros)​1,383
Operating result (x million euros) ​15,1
Number of FTEs (average) 11,239
​Absenteeism​ 5,3%
​Number of reported external vacancies​551


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