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Logo: What does the frog in the UMCG logo stands for?


A frog as a logo? Certainly. A frog symbolizes life, health, trust and quality. These are the values of the UMCG as well. That is why the UMCG has chosen a frog as its logo. A self assured choice, typical of the UMCG!

A frog is an every-day animal that feels comfortable in a clean and quiet environment where it is nice to be. The UMCG offers its patients and visitors a pleasant place to be, where quality and care are given top priority. With that, the UMCG’s frog is a symbol for quality of life.
A closer look at the frog logo reveals even more resemblances. The schematic representation of the rear body symbolizes the UMCG as a center for education and research. Modern medical imaging technology, such as PET-cameras and MRI, has inspired the dotted and striped pattern.

Moreover, the photographic representation of the frog’s head makes it recognizable and trusted. That is exactly what the UMCG wishes to be to its patients and visitors.

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