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ESR 4.3: Optimized TB-care by dried blood spot (DSB) analysis and e-health




Drug level guided dosing has been introduced to increase efficacy and to reduce toxicity. Dry blood spot (DBS) analysis is a tool to easily obtain the necessary drug levels and the UMCG has an international leading position in this field. You will focus on implementation of e-health combined with DBS spot analysis to support personalised dosing. You will determine risk factors for suboptimal patient care in current practice. Coached by MAD multimedia, you will then develop a smart phone application to exchange relevant informationbetween patient, physician and pharmacist. In the next step you will evaluate the cost effectiveness of the DBS/e-health program. Finally, you will work on the implementation of the developed tools in tuberculosis patients in a high burden setting in Romania. Gilead offers an internship on pharmacovigilance and medical information for healthcare professionals.



MAD multimedia, the Netherlands
Gilead, the Netherlands

University Chest Clinic Lasi, Romania​

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Dried blood spot, e-health, tuberculosis