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PhD projects


​​​​Vaccines and primary prevention​

ESR  1.1  Role of autophagy protein in the life cycle of mosquito-borne viruses
ESR 1.2 Outsmarting influenza virus immune escape
ESR 1.3 Optimized administration of antimicrobial drugs for prophylaxis in immunocompromised patients
ESR 1.4 Impact of SDD on post-operative outcome in esophagectomy /Innovative fiber-based molecular fluorescence endoscopy in suspected lung infections

Personalized detection and infection prevention

ESR 2.1 Use of Next Generation Sequencing in detection of micro-organisms and anti-microbial resistance genes
ESR 2.2 Rapid personalized molecular detection and cost/benefit in patient care
ESR 2.3 Rapid direct detection of micro-organisms and resistance determinants using innovative approaches
ESR 2.4 SAPS-II: Exploring the use of procalcitonin as a marker of infection resolution in critically ill
ESR 2.5 Identification of Multi-Drug-Resistant Organisms (MDRO) in Refugees

Iatrogenic influence on the microbiome

ESR 3.1 The influence of the presence of antibiotics, chlorine, disinfectants and heavy metals in environmental water streams on the gut microbiome
ESR 3.2 The effect of hospitalization and drug use on the composition of the oral and fecal microbiome
ESR 3.3 The role of oxidative stress in mucositis of oncological patients: can supportive care with prebiotics and vitamins aimed at the microbiome reduce and prevent infections

Personalized therapy/stewardship

ESR 4.1 Monoclonal antibodies to detect or fight staphylococcal infections
ESR 4.2 Novel tracers for the detection of bacterial infections
ESR 4.3 Optimized TB-care by dried blood spot (DSB) analysis and e-health
ESR 4.4 Optimizing infection management for intensive care patients by antimicrobial stewardship

Figure 1: Overview of the four pillars in PRONKJEWAIL’s research training programme (vertical boxes in the centre) in relation to ESR projects, their clinical, translational or     fundamental character, the major quality indicators of the programme, network and  ​capacity building, and communication, dissemination and outreach activities. ESR =     Early Starting Researcher, a PhD position.