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Technology for Ageing People


​Within the field of Technology for Ageing People, the central focus is on increasing the mobility of elderly. Researchers at the UMCG approaching this challenge from different angles.

  1. By the development and application of biomaterials suitable for older people.
  2. By developing the next generation of intelligent mobility devices in combination with prevention, training and rehabilitation at home.

Via the Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN), links can rapidly be established with the private sector and other knowledge institutions. There is for example already collaboration with the higher professional education courses in Technology, Biotechnology and Laboratory Techniques in Groningen and Leeuwarden. Many inventions offer spin-offs for the private sector. By facilitating the establishment of start-up companies at the UMCG and RUG, numerous biotechnology businesses will flourish. In addition, many collaborative ventures with SMEs in the Northern Netherlands have been established, in this way.

International cooperation is also being promoted. The UMCG is a founding member of ScanBalt BioRegion. This is an international network of universities, businesses and clusters surrounding the Baltic Sea, active in the field of life sciences. UMC’s membership of this network grew from the connection between the Kolff Institute and Biocon Valley (Rostock, chair of Scanbalt) in the field of medical technology. As a member of ScanBalt, the UMCG has access to financing for projects in the field of health care, and we are able to collaborate even more closely with our Northeast European neighbours.