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Intelligent Mobility Devices


Future healthcare will have to deal with large groups of elderly people with inevitable impairments and resultant function loss. This will put pressure on the demand for high-quality interactive prostheses and orthoses. 

Easy-to-use, intelligent, devices that require a minimum of guidance by the professional are needed that adapt to the changing needs of the patients and that need less capacity of healthcare.

This aim is adressed in the UMCG leaded Center of Research Excellence SPRINT as part of the Innovative Medical Devices Initiative Netherlands (IMDI). SPRINT is a collaboration between the UMCG and many scientic, health care and industrial parties.  

SPRINT will increase knowledge on balance and rehabilitation processes to prevent people from falling through a loss of balance and create better suited training devices and extramural rehabilitation. Furthermore, SPRINT will increase knowledge on the interactions between patients and mobility devices to develop second generation individualized, intelligent mobility devices.