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Log in: Complications


​If you cannot log in to our website this might be for different reasons. It can be related to your account or password, or the browser your using might be the problem. Below you will find the most common solutions.

Deleting cookies

Our website is updated nearly every single day. The old saved cookies might deny you access to course environment. That is why it important to frequently delete your browser’s cookies.

Deleting cookies in Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Extra > Delete browser history
  2. Make sure that Delete cookies and other site data is ticked > Click delete

Deleting cookies in Firefox

  1. Go to Extra > Options
  2. Go to tab Privacy > heading History > click on Delete individual cookies > Click on delete cookies

Deleting cookies in Chrome

  1. Click on the icon with three stripes in the top right. Click on Settings > Scroll down and click on Show advanced settings.. > heading Privacy > button Delete browser data
  2. Make sure that Delete cookies and other site data is ticked. You can also select how old the cookies are. Click First use > Click Delete Browser data