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Group Peer Support

  • ‘How am I supposed to juggle all these tasks?’
  • ‘How do I steer my research team?’
  • ‘How can I optimize my communication with my supervisor?’

‘I had never realized that other people were battling with the very same issues’. We often hear words like these from people evaluating the peer support sessions that they have attended. Listening to others and taking time to reflect on your work-related strengths and weaknesses can be a liberating and enlightening experience and can help you to gain a healthy perspective on your own struggles. ​

Who can participate?

UMCG employees are welcome to register for peer support. We recommend to make your own group of four or five  participants and register as a group.
Either individually. If you register as an individual, we will do our best to place you in a suitable group as soon we have enough participants (minimum number: 4).
During peer support sessions, participants spend time with their peers reflecting on personal issues and challenging situations that they encounter in their work. The peer support process helps participants to bring the issues raised into sharper focus, to gain new insights and to explore possible solutions.
Peer support groups meet regularly, supported by a coach from the Wenckebach Institute for Education and Training. Sessions last 1.5 hours. The coach’s role is to explain how peer support works, to monitor the process and to foster respectful and constructive dialogue.​ 

Costs and registration

The process of group peer support consists of 5 supported sessions (1,5hrs) and costs amount to € 125,00 per hour. You can register as a group or individually:

  • total costs for group registration (four or five participants): € 937,50.
  • total costs for individual registration: € 187,50

You can register by contacting Auktje Beukema via Contact.

Free of charge for PostDocs

For UMCG PostDocs the agreement applies that group peer support can be paid from a central budget. Once you have formed a group, you can apply by sending an email to Contact.​

Further information

If you have any questions about peer support or if you wish to register, please send an email to the Wenckebach Institute for Education and Training via Contact or email Auktje Beukema: Contact.​​