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  • ​How am I supposed to juggle all these tasks?
  • I would like to improve my communication skills.
  • How can I stand up for my needs and interests?
  • What do I really want in my work?  ​

Coaching is an active, personal approach to learning in a work setting. With the support of a professional coach, you reflect on your work and explore personal and job-related development opportunities. The coach asks pertinent questions, challenging and confronting you with the aim of helping you to understand the feelings, thoughts and circumstances that influence your behaviour. In turn, this will enable you to gain better control over your professional life. Within the coaching context, you can reflect, experiment with different responses and practise behavioural skills. ​

Different coaching models

We offer either face-to-face meetings or e-coaching, or a combination of the two. The best choice for you will depend on your particular coaching needs and preferences. 

If you opt for face-to-face meetings, you and your coach will meet up a number of times. This allows for direct interaction and feedback. E-coaching takes the form of online dialogue with your coach, whereby writing and reflection play a central role.  ​

Different areas of expertise

The Wenckebach Institute works with a pool of professional coaches, each with their own style and area of expertise. These coaches are independent from their coachees’ work process and working environment. During an intake meeting, we will explore the issue(s) that you wish to address with you and discuss which coaching model would be the most appropriate. We may recommend an external coach in cases where that seems the best course of action. ​


Coaching is confidential. The coach will observe confidentiality in respect of the information that you share and will not consult your supervisor or any other parties involved without your permission. In some situations, it may be appropriate for your supervisor to be involved in the coaching process. In that case, the coach will reach agreements with you and your supervisor beforehand about the aim of the coaching sessions. ​

More information

If you have questions or would like to make use of our coaching services, you are welcome to contact the Wenckebach Institute for Education and Training. Call Auktje Beukema on +31 (0)​50 361 32 35 or send an email to Contact​​