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About Wenckebach Instituut


​The Wenckebach Instituut is part of the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and facilitates the development and education of medical professionals. The institutes is composed of:

  • UMCG Postgraduate School of Medicine
  • UMCG School of Nursing & Health
  • Expertise centre Communication, Leadership, Assessment and Cooperation
  • Facilities

The Wenckebach Instituut collaborates with various healthcare institutes in the Northern and Eastern part of the Netherlands. Occasionally the institute works for nationwide and international clients. Most of their work is customised, in consultation with the client.

UMCG Postgraduate School of Medicine

The UMCG Postgraduate School of Medicine facilitates postgraduate education for medical specialists, general practitioners, dentists, and other academic medical physicians. This section of the Postgraduate School is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition, the school supports the (innovation of) medical education and interdisciplinary courses for assistant practitioners to medical specialists.

UMCG School of Nursing and Health

The UMCG School of Nursing & Health facilitates vocational training for nurses and other medical physicians. The focus is on practice learning and the theoretical development of the programmes Physicians’ Assistant (Anaesthesia and Operation) and Infection Prevention. All of the Nursing programmes offered by the school are accredited nationwide by the CZO, as well as some of the refresher courses. These refresher courses are also offered to other institutions, but customised to specific needs. The School of Nursing & Health is accredited by  Kwaliteitsregister Verpleegkundigen & Verzorgenden.

The UMCG student office is part of the School of Nursing & Health. The student office organises and coordinates internships for nurses and medical students. They also facilitate dissertation assignments for students from Business studies, Psychology or Sociology.

Expertise center Communication, Leadership, Assessment and Cooperation

The Expertise center Communication, Leadership, Assessment and Cooperation facilitates education in CanMEDs-competencies, with the exception of medical care and nursing. Their research focus is on communication and cooperation. The target audience of the center is mainly professionals and not patients. They believe that ensuring skilled medical professionals will also be beneficial for the patient. 


The Wenckebach Instituut offers a range of facilities for the entire UMCG and Wenckebach clientele. These facilities are:

  • UMCG Education center
  • Multimedia support
  • Wenckebach Skills Center UMCG