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International conferences


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At the moment we have several International Conferences and courses on the agenda:


​Year   Date​
Practical Neuro-ophthalmolo​​gy Course​​
Postponed​International Hibernation Symposium​
Postponed​​Head and Neck Oncology: the multidisciplinairy approach​
2021, May 9-14​International Hibernation Symposium
​2022, August 25-27Head and Neck Oncology: the multidisciplinairy approach​


​Year   Date
​2019, September 27-28 ​​8th International Symposium on Coagulation and Liver Disease​​​​​
​​​2019, June 20-22​​Develo​pm​ental changes in paediatric neurodisability
​2019, June 19-21Bronchitis X
​​2018, December 12-146th Rehabmove Congress​​
​2018, September 27-29​5th International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium
​​2018, June 1Epic crossing borders – user group meeting 2018
​2018, May 18-19 ​European neph​ropathy study group m​eeting​​
​2018, April 18-20
​​​Ca-PRI 2018: Building Bridges​
​2018, March 15-16
​The International IRW (Inhaler Researc​h Workgroup) Conference
2018, February 8-9​International conference Family Health over Lifespan
​​2017, December 13-15​Precision Medicine in Diabetic Nephropathy conference​​
​2017, November 9-118th Annual Alliance for Healthy Aging conference: Metabolism and ageing
​2017, June 15-17International Glycogen Storage Disease Conference
​2017, March 159th Congress of Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare: Building foundations for patient safety