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Differences in Importance Attached to Drug Effects Between Patients With Type 2 Diabetes From the Netherlands and Turkey: A Preference Study

25 February 2021

Sonia R Munoz, Douwe Postmus, Sieta T de Vries, Arna H Arnardottir, Ilknur Dolu, Hans Hillege, Peter GM Mol

Predictions estimate that more than 600 million people will suffer from diabetes mellitus by 2040. Despite the high number of medicines, only about half of the patients reach adequate glucose levels. Appropriate use of anti-diabetic drugs is reported low, and one of the reasons might be differences in patient preferences towards the drug effects. To explore variation on patient preferences we compared in this study  the importance that people with type 2 diabetes mellitus from the Netherlands and Turkey attach to certain drug effects of oral anti-diabetic drugs. The results of the study show that preferences strongly varied between patient with type 2 diabetes in the Netherlands and Turkey. While patients from the Netherlands gave the highest importance reducing gastrointestinal side effects, Turkish patients were mainly driven by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Acknowledging these differences will help personalising treatments by providing the right treatment to the right patient.

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