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A novel drug response score more accurately predicts renoprotective drug effects than existing renal risk scores

05 February 2021

​​​​Nienke MA Idzerda, Sok Cin Tye, Dick de Zeeuw, Hiddo JL Heerspink

Several algorithms are available for the prediction of risk for kidney disease progression among type 2 diabetes patients. However, it is unknown whether the existing algorithms can be used to predict treatment response and guide individual therapy selection. In this study, we compared the performance of the previously developed Parameter Response Efficacy (PRE) score with existing Kidney Failure Risk Equation (KFRE) and The Action in Diabetes and Vascular Disease: Preterax and Diamicron Modified Release Controlled Evaluation (ADVANCE) renal risk score, in predicting a composite renal endpoint (end stage kidney disease and doubling of serum creatinine) and long term treatment effect of losartan, using data from the RENAAL trial.​

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