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Program ​Training School 5


Personalized lifestyle management and drug treatment in type 2 diabetes

Date​ Time   Program/event
​Oct 15, 2020 ​​​​​9:00-9:45General introduction   
10:00-10:45Adherence in T2DM. Medication, lifestyle and their integration
11:00-11:45​Physiological basis for personalized lifestyle intervention in T2DM  
Oct 19, 2020​ ​11:00-11:45Health literacy as a prerequisite for effective pharmacotherapy and lifestyle management  in T2DM
​ ​13:00-13:45Psychological basis of healthy consumer choices    
14:00-14:45Artificial intelligence and its potential to improve the management of T2DM
Oct 28, 202012:00-14:30Introduction to teaching
Febr 15, 202116:00-17:00Visit Lifestore
April 7, 2021
Media Training