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Key areas of research



​Mood and anxiety disorders

The aim of our clinical research program on mood and anxiety disorders is to improve patient outcomes by developing a deeper knowledge of individual prognosis, disease subtypes and day to day symptom patterns. We do research in large clinical cohort studies and epidemiological surveys, and also seek develop more accurate monitoring devices to aid patient self-management and improve early recognition of relapse. Patients from our department and elsewhere may participate in clinical studies to develop better treatments, often in the phase that regular treatments have not had a satisfactory result. We are also involved in preclinical studies, in collaboration with specialists from other departments. ​Read more

Psychotic disorders

The research program on psychosis focuses on the social context of psychosis, in relation to causes, course and treatment of psychosis. Epidemiological, observational and experimental study designs are used to investigate mechanisms and to develop novel treatments. Our mission is to improve prevention, treatment and prognosis of psychotic disorders. Read more...

Geriatric psychiatry

The research programme on geriatric psychiatry focuses on mood and anxiety disorders in later life, encompassing depression, anxiety and somatoform disorders. Specific attention is paid on age-related characteristics of etiology, phenomenology and course, which results in many research projects focused on the interplay between affective disorder with somatic morbidity, physical frailty and mild cognitive impairment in later life. Read more...

Somatoform disorders

The research program on somatoform disorders focuses on two main areas. The first is the etiology of somatoform disorders. We aim to identify risk factors for and trajectories leading to the development of medically unexplained symptoms, using large population cohorts. The second area is treatment of medically unexplained symptoms. The main topic here is the development of a personalized internet-based self-help intervention. Read more...

Developmental disorders

The research programme includes Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism, Asperger's Disorder and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) and tic disorders (Tourette’s disorder) in children and adults. Within the field of developmental disorders, there are two main research topics: etiology and assessment & treatment evaluation. Projects in the etiology programme include information processing, psychophysiology, and study of neurochemical, immunological, and genetic factors. Projects in the assessment and treatment evaluation programme focus on evaluating the effectiveness of medication and behavioral treatments. Special emphasis is on moderators and predictors of treatment response. Read more...