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Lay summaries

Dutch lay summaries can be found elsewhere on this website.​ ​​

Upcoming defenses

Networks and psychopathology. Opportunities, challenges and implications
S. de Vos
February 3, 16:15 PM

Breaking the cycle? Intergenerational transmission of depression/anxiety and opportunities for intervention​
P.J. Havinga​
February 10, 16:15 PM​​

​​​A body-mind map. Epidemiological and clinical aspects of the relation between somatic, depressive and anxiety symptomatology
E. Bekhuis​
February 12, 16:15 PM​

Light upon seasonality. Seasonality of symptoms in the general population and in patients with depressive and anxiety disorders
W.H. Winthorst​
February 26, 16:15 PM

Where’s the need? The use of specialist mental health services in adolescence and young adulthood​
D. Raven
March 2, 16:15 PM​

Learning from reward and prediction. Insights in mechanisms related to recurrence vulnerability and non-response in depression​​
A.J. Geugies
March 9, 16:15 PM​

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