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Past thesis defenses

Thesis defenses 2020  
T.J.W. van Driel – de Jong Factors associated with the persistence of medically unexplained symptoms in later life
I.H. Ruisch Gene-environment interactions in disruptive behaviors
S. de Vos Networks and psychopathology. Opportunities, challenges and implications
P.J. Havinga Breaking the cycle? Intergenerational transmission of depression/anxiety and opportunities for intervention
E. Bekhuis A body-mind map. Epidemiological and clinical aspects of the relation between somatic, depressive and anxiety symptomatology
W.H. Winthorst Light upon seasonality. Seasonality of symptoms in the general population and in patients with depressive and anxiety disorders
D. Raven Where’s the need? The use of specialist mental health services in adolescence and young adulthood
A.J. Geugies Learning from reward and prediction. Insights in mechanisms related to recurrence vulnerability and non-response in depression
C.N.W. Geraets Social environments and mental health. Exploring new worlds with virtual reality
G. Kramer Objective and subjective movement symptoms in (functional) tremor. The influence of stress
J.M. Gelauff Functional motor disorders: mechanism, prognosis and treatment
S.P.H.G. Klein Tuente Understanding aggression and treating forensic psychiatric inpatients with Virtual Reality
M.H.L. Arts Physical frailty in late-life depression: evidence for a depression-frailty subtype?
J.H.M. Hovenkamp-Hermelink The long-term courses of anxiety disorders
S. Wassink-Vossen Physical Activity and Functional Recovery in Late-life Depression
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