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Sport science expertise within the city/region of Groningen

Sport plays an important role in everyday life, whether it is in terms of healthy ageing, athletic performance, or socio-cultural benefits for wider society. At present the city/region of Groningen has a wide range of expertise in the area of sport science and sport related research.

The topics currently studied range from the identification and development of expertise in football players and other athletes, to the financial implications and logistics of organising major sporting events. From how to use performance data to select the best ten speed skaters to go to the Olympic games, to the effects of physical activity on cognitive function in the elderly and academic performance in youth.

Read more about how Sport Science research contributes to:

Sport & Healthy Aging 

Sport & Performance 

Sport & Sustainable Society 

Sport & Healthy Ageing

Sport & Performance

Sport & Sustainable Society

Promoting an active healthy lifestyle and prevention of injuries

Improving athletic performance in both young and old and at an elite or recreational level

​Creating social, cultural and economic benefits for society

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