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Medical staff

Picture Name/ Email/ Position Current research interest

Adrienne H Brouwers, MD PhD

Position: nuclear medicine physician/Assist. Professor/Coördinator Medical Affairs.


Translational research in the field of oncology (e.g. radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies) and neuro-endocrine tumors (18F-DOPA, 11C-HTP). Furthermore involved in endocrine diseases/tumors (e.g. thyroid carcinoma), and radionuclide therapy. 

Prof. Rudi A.Dierckx, MD PhD MBA

E-mail: Contact

Position: Head of the Department/Full

Professor/Professor University of Ghent, Belgium

My research interests in nuclear medicine are broad and reflect local interests and available resources, in the beginning more so in conventional nuclear medicine, later on PET based. In clinical research most publications have to do with brain and oncology. In basic research interests pertain to the development of new radiotracers, rodent models, medical physics and management aspects such as quality, ethics and economics.

Andor W.J.M. Glaudemans MD

E-mail: Contact

Position: Nuclear Medicine Physician

Imaging inflammatory and infectious diseases (leukocyte scintigraphy, amyloidosis, aspergillosis, prosthetic joint infections, infectious diseases in children); hormonal receptor imaging (estrogen receptor imaging (FES-PET) and androgen receptor imaging (FDHT-PET); molecular imaging in oncologic diseases (brain tumours, antibody imaging, apoptosis imaging), sports injuries and radio-isotope therapeutic strategies.

Walter Noordzij MD

E-mail: Contact

Position:  Nuclear Medicine Physician


Main topic: the use of both SPECT/CT and PET/CT modalities for imaging cardiac sympathetic innervation. Furthermore: radio-isotope therapeutic strategies (Ra-223 for osseous metastases of prostate cancer, radio-embolisation of liver tumurs), and the role of PET imaging modalities in radiation oncology. 


Prof. Jan Pruim MD PhD

E-mail: Contact

Position: Nuclear medicine physician/
Assoc. professor/Extraordinary professor

Stellenbosch University, South-Africa/Contact for the industry

The use PET in oncology, especially radiation oncology, quality management and cost-effectiveness of PET and the use of new tracers in PET oncology. Contact person for industry driven research. 

Ronald van Rheenen MD

E-mail: Contact

Position:  Nuclear Medicine Physician 


Current research interest: Imaging in neuro-oncology, with the focus on possible recurrence after radiotherapy. Imaging of kidney anatomy, pathology and function (renography, renal scintigraphy, 51Cr-EDTA renal function measurement). Imaging and quantification of amyloid deposition in patients with amyloidosis. Focus on maintenance and development of Information and Computer Technology (ICT), with the emphasis on clinical applications.

Riemer H.J.A. Slart MD PhD


Position: Nuclear medicine physician/Assist.
Professor/Coördinator Education.

Involved in cardiovascular imaging with a main focus on myocardial innervation, myocardial perfusion & viability, cardio-renal axis and atherosclerosis. Beside this topic he is involved in bone densitometry and bone marrow imaging. Discipline leader Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging for the Center of Medical Imaging in the Netherlands (CMI).​