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Picture Name/ Email/ Position Current research interest


Ate Boerema PhD

E-mail: Contact

position: radiochemist, post-doc



Janine Doorduin PhD

E-mail: Contact

position: biologist, post-doc, co-ordinator ​of the preclinical section


The role of brain inflammation in psychiatric and neurological diseases, and PET imaging of neuro-receptors. Current projects involve <1> the validation of new PET tracers for imaging of brain inflammation, <2> preclinical studies on brain inflammation and related consequences in animals models of psychiatric and neurological diseases, <3> PET imaging of brain inflammation in patients with psychiatric and neurological di​​seases, and <4> steroid hormone receptor imaging in the brain.


Jurgen Sijbesma BSc

E-mail: Contact

Position: biotechnician PET micro-imaging facility


Aren van Waarde PhD

E-mail: Contact

Position: biochemist

Small animal imaging (microPET). Development of techniques for quantification of
neurorece​​ptors in the living brain. Development of targeted imaging probes for
early in vivo diagnosis of cancer and evaluation of tumour response to therapy.