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(The following content is intended for patiënts who will collect their blood using the dried blood spot method)

You received this set from your physician to collect blood by using the dried blood spot method (finger prick method) at home. The blood will be used to estimate the drug concentration in your blood. This page contains a step-by-step procedure that guides you to collect your blood.

The time of the blood collection is very important. Your physician will tell you at what time you have to collect your blood. Please note the time of the blood collection and the time you took your drugs on the form.

After you have finished the blood collection, you have to send the dried blood spots to the Laboratory Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). You will receive the results of your blood spots over the phone or at your follow-up appointment with your physician.

This set contains the materials written below.


1. An instruction brochure;
2. A letter;
3. A form;
4. A blood spot card;
5. Two lancets;
6. A bandage;
7. A desiccant;
8. A reclosable plastic bag.

Put the material on a clean, flat and hard surface. Do not touch the filter paper in the middle of the blood spot card! You may only touch the sides of the blood spot card.


What should you do in case the blood from the side of your finger is insufficient?

  • Puncture another finger with a new lancet. Before you puncture another finger you could increase your blood flow by letting the arm, of the finger you have selected for the finger puncture, hang down at your side for about 30 seconds.
  • If you are convinced that the blood from the sides of the selected finger is insufficient, you can puncture the tip of the selected finger. 




Step 1
Fill in the form. 
Step 2
Fill in your name, date and time of the blood collection on the blood spot card. 
Step 3
Wash your hands with soap and warm water.
Dry your hands afterwards.
Step 4
Choose the location for the finger puncture. The best location for a finger puncture is on one of the sides of the middle- or ring finger.
Step 5
Warm up your fingers by rubbing your hands together for about 20 to 30 seconds.
Step 6
Massage the selected finger down towards the tip of the finger with your thumb.
Step 7
Twist off the protective cap of the lancet.

Blood collection


Step 8
Hold the lancet firmly against the side of your selected finger and push until you hear a ‘click’.

Step 9
Massage the punctured finger. 
Step 10
Wipe off the first blood drop.
Step 11
Massage the punctured finger again and wait for the formation of the second blood drop.
Step 12
Let the second blood drop fall into the first circle of the blood spot card, without touching the blood spot card with the punctured side of the finger.

Step 13
Fill at least two circles with blood using the same method.

Please do not fill the blood spot card by touching the filter paper!

​A sufficient spot is round, fills at least the whole circle, consists of 1 droplet and does not touch other droplets. When incorrectly spotted, please re-puncture and fill an empty circle.
Step 14
Wipe off the blood from the punctured finger.
Step 15
Use the bandage to cover your finger.
Step 16
Let the blood spot card dry for half an hour. Throw away the lancet and the wipe that you have used.


  Step 17
Put the desiccant in the reclosable plastic bag.
Step 18
Put the dried blood spot card in the reclosable plastic bag. Please, make sure you have closed the bag properly.
Step 19
Put the reclosable plastic bag and the form in the preprinted return envelope and send it to the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).