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Rational pharmacotherapy


Research based on personalized medicine is research into Rational Pharmacotherapy. This research focuses on optimizing pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical care to the individual patient, and looks at the added value and cost-effectiveness of interventions, including Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) and/or Clinical Rules. A further aim of the research is to identify determinants/factors that can be used in day-to-day practice to support treatment decisions, and hence improve the efficacy and safety of treatment.

The explorative pilot ‘Medicatie op Maat’ focusses on personalized medicine by exploring the clinical implementation of pre-emptive pharmacogenetic screening. This pilot is a collaboration between the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology and the Department of Genetics.

Research towards Rational Pharmacotherapy is being conducted in cooperation with  the Department of PharmacoTherapy, -Epidemiology & -Economics and other centres within and outside the Netherlands.This type of research will lead to new research initiatives in collaboration with the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology. There are interesting possibilities in the area of clinical trials and cohort research.