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Other research


Other research is being carried out into clinical pharmacy, this is on a more ad hoc basis or arises from research initiated by others in which the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology is participating.  The UMCG has been awarded two ZonMw grants for the ‘Priority Medicine for Children’ programme, for which our department was a co-applicant or participant. One of the projects involves comparing the effects and safety of two anti-epileptic drugs in children. This is an example of research in which the pharmaceutical industry is not interested because the drugs are out of patent. The industry is usually interested in product development.

Another important aspect is the department’s support infrastructure for clinical drug research, which extends from product development, analysis, compiling IMPDs, randomization and issue to participation in medical ethics committees. See also ‘Clinical trials with medicine support’ in the menu on the left.

A new offshoot of the department, the GMP Biotech Unit, will also play an important role in this. A major project for the development of a therapeutic vaccine for cervical cancer is one example of its work. The research was initiated by the Department of Virology, the Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics, and Vicinivax, a spin-off company of the UMCG.

Principal investigator:
Prof. dr. J.G.W.Kosterink
Head department Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology, hospital pharmacist